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the setback. what was the bloodiest month in iraq since two thousand and eight other countries pm. with us assistance to battle the insurgency. these profits in the sand gets us through treatment on him and strike killed the leader of the pakistani taliban was prepared to negotiate. watts it's almost like a symbolic over one of the populace. it makes her way. the vast new
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and as a complex and you try it. this is by protesters predicts a brand new senate bill to design teacher curtailed new pink as a way to actually realize the ball got a collection of millions of them. our headquarters in maths counter watching our tea with me in east now with this undertaken to have you with us. our top story teller has become the bloodiest month in iraq in five years data from the countries in the interior defence and health ministries puts the death toll at nine hundred and sixty four people at the ninety percent of civilian eight hundred and fifty five according to the government that number hasn't been this high since april two thousand and eight more than a thousand were
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killed when numbers don't quite correspond with the findings of the un which puts july as the bloodiest this year. but whatever the figures is clear that countries facing an increasing security problem no surprise then that the iraqi prime minister is in washington dc asking for help educate cheek and reports we know that the iraqi leadership has made a request with us assistance in the fight against terror we don't know the details of that request. the tears wouldn't elaborate on that iraqi prime minister called elk i get this urge for iraq and the needy. the lack of time has arrived in washington in the month that turned out to be big ideas seem to last five years. for those who are following the news is becoming such a rip. the deadliest month in iraq for this many years said he was hearing all the time the fact is that following the us invasion in two thousand and three terrorism has skyrocketed in iraq the sectarian war that broke out as a result of the nation has created a breeding farm and the carrots the iraqi prime minister says it's getting worse because he says
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as a result of the so called arab revolutions there is a power vacuum in the region which extremist forces take advantage of a specific list of grassy area and the situation there of course even though iraq snoring all my leaky nose with the us invasion has led to his country he can't be called critical of washington because after all. in a way if things to the us that he's now in power. political analysts in one's allow says the level of violence has recently spiked across the entire middle east the prime minister who are the one he made that quote laughing what he means by it is that providing intelligence arms and support because he fears that a spillover from syria is affecting the level of violence in iraq and the eu the kettle minus two draw as a whole has increased because of that but the reality is the politicians in both iraq and britain and the finances that is the result of that is only because the iraqi army's week is just because. iraqi
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politics as a whole is dysfunctional hasn't led to the last ten years said eleven. am i building was going on in iraq is in namibia. risks to the global increase in such cool that she's going to be a great student loan markets and among the world's going to risk the region as middle east iran the most intimate syriana this content and some of the second syllable from syria into iraq and then it can you never know what in the stall. plus i get some further analysts from high five from god wants the current iraqi novel is the foreign prisoner of saddam hussein's regime has also contributed to the guardian newspaper thank you so much for joining us. i guess it wasn't the first of all greatly relieved. back in two thousand and three when the interface to beat down and us forces affecting the one you're free now. jess said. the question to check on him even to a warrior
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relieve back in two thousand and three when the invasion began and the u s forces effectively when your freedom on took us all know it said i mean we italy and distance from the beginning to make many iraqis than that including myself that this is not the idiot attention assist the nickname this is a convention and there's a difference then between all politics and downs eighteenth condo keep eyeing off your own country. so ten years on that. what's your assessment of the security situation right now. well it's it's absolutely terrible because it is affecting daily diet and from morning until night and had to single out one of the day people up and feeling unsafe to do an easing of eleven goes on they don't know i mean in this unknown whether they come back cpr months. and then just an obstacle than agm time to the
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attacks mostly the top of the team into two people rather than an. other forces so that speaks to you it's because i knew this qt. and if the lingo on safety diving people not to when a human level. that said these latest figures with a ninety percent of the casualties as civilian casualties of the prime minister has asked me you'll ask for help what could he mean by that what kind of help a second intervention instead asking foreign the market to be in the subprime buy more weapons by more advanced technology in our best to let me close to five. i did that but twenty is not mentioning the need is this not just a tiny bit was exacting iraq and acts is an opera and parcel of the team found that out about six other
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organizations owning the shares which they are attached to this. they're putting across this on the teaching itself. i'm thinking pink diamonds weighing against two iraqi civilians and their dogma and making the economy me she had been spent in the bed then through the big aimed at his side then hopped on a camp on and on and continue counting many others. so asking for excellent things is in fact is i mean today committed crimes of the u s says the squishy it that the occupation in two thousand and four b commented against iraqi people. no no weapons and they doubled for bahn ag money can a team has the new was an indian takeaway and consistently lose themselves when they are the same thing went out and get chills and we've seen that the community and the pro ana and two ha north of baghdad where there was an
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initial count on it was attacked by security forces and fifty one people were killed they would demonstrate this. and on to many of the selected for the times that he got when we moved in and as we know and cannot because of the medical health said this many although one day i'm usually the way and doubt that. isi from lack of weapons as you say at least to the prime minister will claim why can't the government cope with the sun itself. when they met the lentils nuts and descended people i mean ended and government affairs at the quiet bc it was squabbling among the ad and audiences from golf and i installed some twenty five piece most of them thought maybe she is and they are pretty tasty and fighting each other so this is the fighting is closing and most often than that horrendous finance begins
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the civilians. it's not about all for things that this is the task of the people instead of needing attention let all the teaching itself london the twenty oh five peace band and our best in show and then executed here all the people that all elusive god for any government and allowed to mature status and what the dentist says is that this defense of the times with them on people and the money he hates him with all its many chance they felt tremendous and in that aspect i froze i'm gonna knock kurdish iraqi novelist and former prisoner of saddam hussein's regime live with us on the line from london thank you very much for your time well that pakistani taliban has vowed to avenge the death of its leader who was killed in the u s drone strike and pakistani officials say that the assassination of c rail peace talks with militants here's to islam and that mr
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hill is a new overseas with the latest security has gone up and notice a lot of security in major cities of pakistan in the markets on route ninety. because of course none so far this is from the government had been taken in hand and the media's had been sitting back and this is mean and not that into separate dots that these dogs between thoughts on government time to time on the interior mr foxton he has stayed the night. and on the day before yesterday and i want to be close to talking about that the stocks and that they were almost on the way and i know that this is the band all fun the joint strike that hit a few moments to him. add to the country is again at one stage as to what should be the next step what to expect from the dotted line. he has five the government wants the government is considering a half strike strongly condemned this attack and that they are expecting to move. to continue it at the start but so far it seems
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un identified said the dead end and it's difficult to say right now asking what could be some extent because of what's all that it would be abducted idf from the donna bond and the security is high hiking to the sol bar at the time everyone is just in anticipation for what would be the next move. u s and pakistani officials recently praised the way bilateral aid centers were developing. this latest round strike will likely produce a trend that's according to peace activist who are near. this is an absolute defiance of up and half dead the us government of what nearby streets had explicitly stated was necessary for a toxin to take the matter into its own hands and she seems to be a slap on the face to say your keys talks clearly do not mean anything to us and it seems to be the us as stating that it it was absolutely nothing to do with the pockets on the government's stance on this so we see a progression in terms of blood in terms of
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where we could be headed taking a bite of the problem yes on high alert over recent rabies outbreak in france amid fears it could still open the border. an sos to the front. we put it so the race coming up we'll take a look into how the uk for barney's are handling disease prevention with that arguing for taking their eyes off of off linda george is on its journey. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand one hundred towns and cities departure the lay by fourteen thousand people. for sixty thousand a month. in a record setting
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trip on land air sea and over space. olympic torch relay on our feet the outcome when amazon. latrines the armor. we couldn't hold on to the sad thing is outgrowing teacher i know she runs her own with a screw down a challenge to win. no alcohol smoking and the costliest of it. they worship the earth sign. most of us. will he be with. and this is one of the. the after watching her tv live from moscow. the us senate committee has passed a bill to rein in the nsa following
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the revelations of the car adverts noted the doctor i was aimed at scaling down the amount of records the intelligence agency will be able to obtain it. critics say the measure will do quite the opposite. senator feinstein civilians and after two codified the nsa is an old collection of americans' telephone records which is in fact on shaky legal footing right now and it's another program that's being legalized in the spell which has not got as much attention as this is really shed which is the back door search is on international communications and to what is happening is that the nsa is allowed under the eyes and an exact to go collapse huge amounts of communications of people who are suspected to be foreigners overseas without any individual court because they are foreigners overseas what ends up happening is cns the school site a lot of communications between people overseas and americans and also ends up scooping a lot of purely domestic communications of americans into that pile as well. on
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the sort of communications americans' communications that the nsa would need to be individualized order court order or warrant to look at under ordinary circumstances another sign of the ever growing region the national security agency is the brand and you talk to the center but it's caught the eye of a crowd of persisting protesters were taken over part of the local highway to demonstrate their outrage at surveillance practices the geezer in a fortnight has more noted for its desert wine. painted picture esque melodies. utah has long been home to the nation's largest population of more weeks to date. it's also home to america's soon to be the guests by complex occurred inside the middle of an army base. so you can get to like the protests in the army to protest the nsa garfield learns his lesson on independence day. when police could get a bit more than a hundred restore the fourth activist from
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protesting in front of the anc's one point five billion dollars data center shortly thereafter the group life away to claim a two mile long state right next to the nsa to confront any tickets now for being there. my latest adopt a highway me think of and we can clean up in the coming weeks and even signed will be placed might feel that says restore the more you talk and pray each day that employees report to work at the data center they will pass by this i'm reminded of the distrust of the nsa and its ever expanding surveillance programs thirty four members will be required to be highly at least three times a year but many activists like the real potter plan on being outside the data center much more often armed with an anti nsa picket sign. they believe that it is their plates. to take in harness oliver information. the fourth
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amendment to the us constitution guarantees the right to be sick to work from unreasonable search and seizure the rt four was born into a nationwide grassroots movements. after a whistleblower adverts noting revealed how the nsa spying on its own citizens as well as foreigners world leaders and even the vatican were navigating its reverse this if we don't speak that we don't say something if we don't get people aware of what's being done. so what's being done inside the u type data center. according to reports the surveillance complex will be filled with servers routers and computer intelligence experts working to intercept capture and analyze vast quantities of the world's communication i direct your buildings but there's a secret inside the data center are heavily protected me and says the national guard and police warning signs that overlooks
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the whole valley and this time it is almost like a symbolic over one of the populace. it makes you paranoid. gearing up for nigh on our team utah. some though are taking matters into their own hands in a bid to beat the nsa by creating an innovative new spine proof plan for children and the president and cofounder of simon circle explains how his company aims to curb e mail surveillance for the encryption of data. we're trying to con the story to privacy. and that we feel that has been lost by a pervasive surveillance email is intercepted by intelligence agencies all around the world. and on but we've discovered through this note and revelations to come our current government is spying on its own citizens has turned all americans. and to foreigners. as if we were um you know intelligence targets. we can make everything surveillance proof of what we can do is try to
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reduce the amount of exposure of the mailman today. that's the data that says what the man who was from the hoops to that date and time and these days the mega data in the mail header is on is really importa f b ble t sur the socty and see who's talking to you. in the meantim the controversy allowed those revelations too be revealed for the world like the reason the partner of journalist glenn greenwald was held at heathrow airport in the summer was because the british authorities claimed he was involved in terrorism and espionage saban was disclosed during a court hearing earlier david moran have filed legal action against the british government seeking the return of his possessions in her view of the legality of his detention and nine our questioning among the things confiscated were material supplied by edwards ned that the authorities that could endanr people's lives
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if released. we love lambasted the claims in an email to reuters news agency said the government was absolutely and explicitly equating terrorism with journaliststhe other countries targeted the most by the nsa snooping activities are seeking ways to put a bridle on the u s surveillance germany and brazil senate resolution the un general assembly hoping to create international oversight mechanism that would prevent their government and beat them. the chinese confusion between switzerland and sweden the country's consulate have come up with a fine solution to explain which is where it's at our website to find out the deets griggsearing up to sign a landmark partnership deal with the european union at the end of november. it would guarantee the former soviet republic free trade access to the box markets but is the country's car industry ready to take up a task to
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select senior safety investigations. and three the association agreement with the eu is being sold to the korean as a step forward and what would be the country's farmers might enjoy better export deals with a projected four hundred million euro annual profit the machinery bosses are not so happy because these countries might seem to not be able to afford more th ict use standards that would cost almost a staggerin hundred and thirty billion euros and that wouldn't be the fate of the industrial giants of already been caught in that trap. hungary's boss actually think iris was the leader in bus production throughout nineteen seventies europe producing more than fourteen thousand boxes a year in two thousand seven shutdown having failed to compete on the european market. it's now reopened only to its sports most shipments of us is to let american countries and repair older models in the nineteen seventies. poland's likely to miss angela delivery boxes were exported to over one hundred countries all over the world going into thousands newsome orders and vanished from the face of the earth after being purchased by d o n g m
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respectively. lucky is the rough bosses were well known in the unit in the soviet union bills were probably the most widespread traffic vehicles on the country's roads but in the nineteen nineties the company failed to meet eu standards and lost the east the market as well. reid who was so keen on eu integration that it blocked ross last ditch attempt to save itself to imagine with a russian gas company in nineteen ninety the car fact he was officially declared and cropped. there are more examples of such faith is essential in eastern europe all united by one the issue freighter to survive in the european market as things stand it's hard to imagine which industrial enterprises i ukraine wld be able to wake the same fate. the news in greece now starting with the city of los angeles international airport. i'm coming up the elevator and not by about ten feet away from you instead voted the despair at the ripe
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alike like he knew how to read read read just don't believe it's really it's like seeing something on tv. we say the gunman who opened fire on friday sent the suicide text message to his father prior to the incident soon after twenty three year old policy and see a storm into a crowded terminal killed the security agent and wounded several other people souter was overpowered by the incident set off panic and stampede parts of the world's sixth busiest airport were evacuated and over seven hundred domestic flights disrupted. i know the details and updates on this story a r t dot com. i was at a chinese fireworks factory is killed eleven of its employees and injured seventeen more to businessmen have reportedly been arrested over the glass the reduced the building to a pile of rubble. most of the victims were said to be when assembling fuses for firecrackers and because of the glasses like it clear in chinese factories are notorious for their hard work and safety conditions. when a hundred firefighters have
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battled a major blaze at a scrap metal yard in the east of london finds be to contain hazardous gas cylinders. it started just hours before firefighters were injured to walk out and strike over salaries and changes to pension contest. this year to raise alert after a kid and died of the disease. it is thought to have been eliminated from the country back in two thousand and one it can be fatal to humans if not treated. france's morning has raised concerns across europe forcing health officials to elaborate ways to prevent further outbreaks there's our t's poly wake of reports invest in the uk claimed the government underestimated the threat and his dog can travel to the uk can you imagine trying to leverage friendly and would meet. imagine me these are the greatest information video was made reference to steer every piece was so high that the animal coming into
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the country could change o six months in quarantine fast rabies is a killer. we must keep rabies out. the rules of the frosty air when britain was forced to join the european union's pet travel scheme. the esa said the outcome in advance down the causeway vietnam and the need to be quarantined upon entry to the uk not just coming in for the year and some other countries on the keys and told they need is it possible for him i could chat since the scheme started in seven hundred and fifty one cases of rabies in animals and romania. it reminded me to find dependent this piece of the fifties was in harmony. they don't the requirements for a protest in a six month wait
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between that and took a deep sleep. located in three weeks things may be set. they can get the scenes tour the animals. angry at the cabinet statement to the speakeasy directed and say god he came inside the week you're in the political europe it seems site we've seen that the window it to themselves the fact that we put themselves in reach. take at an ounce and the uk on twenty nine cents the eu. well looks like i can't say that the senate. the foliage the films being smuggled into the uk in new guinea has increased five hundred percent since the rules were relaxed. the bill can be cruelty to the country going to harm me in the pocket of adults. the cycle was a carry on. a nice post cos you know you two are for animals they knew but i'll try to travel qualify the cocoons actually get the slideshow the department for environment in a different offense as the biscuit dough with babies and three the uk is still extremely tired
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kant's disagree. several have already set and stocking up on a baby's bassinet in order to protect the stop the boys had on teen london's. thus a report coming up here next mrt after a short break. todd eye. i know the room. the office of civil rights in the city of seattle washington has told city employees that certain terms may not be used in official e mails and discussion scoring that goal fox news. these terms the brown bag and citizen ninety percent of americans of the cute expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch we had on a brown paper bag to work with themselves. let the court considered the land these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a
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brown paper bag to determine race off anymore even remotely two listed races and needs to be banned between the giver of a warm blanket because the keys of native americans deceased or blankets to kill them on and the clock to win with beans so exaggerated that work to remember the separate drinking fountains segregated buses based on race in america. yes we can see those words anymore either. all we might just possibly remember something bad which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world and pleasant thoughts. we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people will compare the actual citizens legally kind of art. if you are afraid of it or not treated as a citizen of seattle wine in some way to become assistant united states joined the team precious my acting. i am the day
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the bill don't need to cover any of the employee. read your book among the exclusive them. local student like me the thoughts i will get a good player that didn't like it was totally shocked not actors too. through him. it's no sin to screw you who don't know how to be simple several intersections. job well done. it also tasted it wd
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new one. the us. to relax i liked it and use your goals we saw the i o welcome to another year highlights the committee for mom's gpa he intended. the leather that on the stories they have lined up the hype. canadians expect to know we din province and the next stage i'm entering a new must have prevented him from the capital. all that is me at m

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